Independent Candidate

There is a perception that the public institutions in Jefferson County are corrupt. This perception blankets everything from our largest school districts, down to our individual courts. This perception stunts the growth of our county. The only way to change this is to elect candidates who are truly independent. Candidates who are chosen by the people, not political machines.


Speed Up the Trial Process

We must try to be flexible in the way we administer our court system. Cases are languishing in our family and criminal courts. Poor defendants, who can’t afford bail and are charged with felony crimes, are sitting in our county jail for a year and a half awaiting trial. That is too long. As the Mishnah teaches, justice delayed is justice denied.


A Judge for the Community

Judges too often withdraw from the community, citing the judicial rules and restrictions as a reason for not speaking up or speaking out. Judges should use their position as a bully pulpit to teach the public about the merits of our system. The right to trial by jury is in our Bill of Rights and is a critical, basic, form of self-governance. A judge is in a unique position to teach. If elected, I will write and speak often on our system and the importance of citizens’ involvement.


You Deserve Better

The late great Barbara Jordan said, “What the people want is very simple – they want an America as good as its promise.” The people of Jefferson County want and deserve the same. They deserve a Court system that is a level playing field, and a justice system that is fair to the poorest individual and the richest corporation.