Faith, Family, and Love of Texas

Aside from practicing Law, faith, family, and a love of his Texas roots greatly shapes the man. Born in Austin, but raised in the heart of East Texas, Mitch married his high school sweetheart, Janelle, who shares his passion for all things Texas. A faith in God has been the strength of their thirty-one-year marriage, and the foundation for raising their two sons, Caleb and Joshua in Beaumont for the past 26 years.

Mitch’s love for his rural heritage inspired him to expand his experience of the cowboy lifestyle. Mitch learned to team-drive horses, and enjoys cowboy cooking and grilling. On weekends he trains his cutting horse to sort steers, and works in the outdoors. Together with Janelle, their cast iron berry cobbler cooked over coals has become a requested dessert for family gatherings.

Devotion to Success

His devotion to the success of Southeast Texas inspired him to serve on the BISD Board of Managers. Believing the strength of our community lies in the stability and education of its children, and because of the education Beaumont public schools provided his sons and daughter-in-laws Emily and Samantha, Mitch is committed to maximizing the opportunity, protection, and resources for all children and families of Beaumont and Jefferson County.

Mitch’s personality and life experiences blend an array of traits uniquely qualifying him to serve Jefferson County. Though he loves a debate on any subject, he also has a kind heart. He loves people, and is genuinely interested in their concerns and interests.