Background in Criminal and Foundational Law

Mitch is a 1986 graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a BBA from the McCombs School of Business. After a two-year stint in the computer industry, he gained admittance to the University of Houston Law Center in 1989.

During law school Mitch focused on trial advocacy. He also studied foundational law with a particular interest in Jewish law and the United States Constitution. During his second year of law school, Mitch clerked exclusively with Beaumont firms and upon graduation accepted a position with Strong, Pipkin, Nelson & Bissell. It was during this tenure that Mitch was introduced to the criminal defense practice by the late Honorable Tom Mulvaney.


Twenty Seven Years of Experience

In 1995, Mitch joined forces with Kent Chambers, and later with Randy Cashiola, to form Chambers, Templeton & Cashiola. He is currently partnered with Dean Brinkley, and they operate the Templeton & Brinkley law firm focusing on civil and criminal litigation.

Mitch has handled thousands of litigated claims collectively on both sides of the court docket in his years of practice. He has tried approximately one hundred of those cases to verdict. Mitch strongly believes in the constitutional right to a trial by jury. This belief in the jury process, along with his blend of legal training and life experiences, equips him to communicate complex legal matters in layman’s terms. He has tremendous respect for jurors, and is skilled at condensing months or years of facts and evidence in a concise manner to help jurors understand the issues in a trial. His trial success is further achieved through dedication to thoroughly investigate the facts of the case, as well as the legal issues at stake. He often uncovers critical evidence that many others overlooked, or did not make a priority to research.


Super Lawyer

In 2015, Thomson Reuters named Mitch a Super Lawyer in the field of civil trial law.


These experiences well qualify Mitch to serve as judge for the 172nd Judicial District Court of Texas.


Mitch’s Qualifications


Twenty-seven years of experience on both sides of the courtroom.

With 27 years of civil and criminal trial experience as both a defendant’s and plaintiff’s attorney, Mitch is committed to preserving our constitutional right to a trial by jury, and promoting the integrity of the process.


Excellent communication is key in the courtroom.

Mitch’s work on both sides of the courtroom helps him understand and relate to people at all levels of the decision making process. Mitch is able to effectively communicate the complexities of our legal system with clients and members of a jury. All parties involved in a case should feel like they have been heard and their viewpoint respected.


Decisions should be based on facts, not bias or prejudice.

Mitch is also dedicated to thoroughly investigating the facts of a case and basing decisions on evidence, not bias or prejudice. The justice system should serve everyone with respect and fairness.


The strengths Mitch offers as judge are:

  • Independence in the court
  • A level playing field for all parties
  • Decisions based on evidence, not bias, sympathy, or prejudice
  • Preservation of the law without legislating from the bench
  • Depth of experience to manage the court efficiently